Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Homeschooled Vs. Public Schooled!!

WARNING: This post may contend or offend some veiwers.

Public Schooled Student:

   Uh huh... that's attractive!! Honey, if this is what they call "socialized", then I am perfectly content with being considered "sheltered".

A Homeschooled Student:

 I may look like this, but at least I don't look like the kid above this one. I have been through the village and thank God I am not one of its idiots. In that case, I am proud to be considered "sheltered" if the world insists that I have to act like that, all neanderthalic and crap, than I'd rather look like I'm "sheltered"!

Ya know...

How can individuals that attend or have attended public school declare that those of us that are homeschooled are automatically established under the catagory and/or stereotype of an uneducated fool if they themselves have no idea what we are capable of?

If we are so unsocialized then how on earth did they come to the conclusion that we're stupid? I mean since they say that we never leave the house and all, how did they ever get the chance to meet a home educated student that has the IQ of five points or less? Besides, if we are sheltered like they claim we are then how could they possibly know how much knowledge that we obtain?

The point is, they wouldn't. The only reason that they believe that we are incapable of anything is because they don't know us from Adam and they don't want to know who we are and where we are at an educational standpoint.

Okay, so I will admit that occasionally somebody might come across some fruit cake that is supposed to be homeschooled, but all I have to do is go to a school convention and I can automatically know who is homeschooled and who isn't. You can tell by their character and demeanor how they are educated.

Trust me, I have seen the village and I seriously do not want to be considered one of its neanderthalic idiots that claim that they have just enough brain power to make it through a public high school system.

Ya know what I mean?

I can't be the only one that get's frustrated with this, come on now, get real!

NOTE: This post is nothing more than the mere frustrations that I and surely many other home educators go through.

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